Imagine for a moment...

...that you want to become the world’s fastest marathon runner, or a champion powerlifter, or you want to lose 100 pounds. Would you hire a personal trainer to help you, calling in their years of experience to move towards your huge goal much more quickly than you ever could alone?

Or would you keep experimenting on your own, wandering around the gym and trying to implement things you’ve read about or seen other people do?

You’d probably hire the personal trainer, right? Of course, you would!

And this is why my clients work with me. They want to get clarity on what they want and learn the skills to ask for it.

So what does working with me look like?

Astrid Teigaas, Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer_WY4_2305 SQ

When we work together for in 1 session, you will:

✔︎ Meet with me via Zoom for your one-hour negotiation coaching session.

✔︎ We clarify the goal you have for your upcoming conversation/negotiation.

✔︎ We create fresh ideas and view your goal in new ways.

✔︎ We prioritize the outcomes you are looking for.

✔︎ I teach you negotiation skills to support your desired outcomes. Learn to stay focused, and just as importantly, to refocus during the conversation.

✔︎ You leave with a clear strategy that take you thru your preparations and the Negotiation Conversation.

✔︎ Have a safe space with me where you can share anything and everything.

✔︎ We focus on nurturing the whole you.

Astrid Teigaas, Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer_WY4_2350

When we work together for 3 sessions, you will:

✔︎ Jump headfirst into this one-of-a-kind adventure/coaching program for female professionals with fulfilling careers who seek balance in their lives.

✔︎ Gain lots of new insights about yourself, and learn to integrate your new insights into your everyday life. You’ll bring this sense of adventure home with you!

✔︎ Set out on four adventure-filled retreats that are five days long. As a trained outdoor adventure guide, I customize these retreats to your interests and needs. How does hiking, skiing, backcountry camping, kayaking, sailing, climbing, or mountain biking sound to you? Let’s do it!

✔︎ Have breakthroughs and a-ha moments during the six full-day, in-person coaching sessions with me and biweekly online coaching sessions of 90 minutes each.


Are you ready to throw out the templates and the paint-by-numbers approach to your business and your life?

Good, me too!

Let’s step outside your comfort zone and see who you’ll become.

Book your free 90-minute leadership blueprint session right here,