My Daily Habits and Blind Spots

Our daily habits say so much about us. Like me for instance, I tend to think that I don’t eat that much. And I think that I don’t spend that much money. When it comes to food and money – I generally underreport to myself. That’s a habit.

And how do I know? I monitor myself. I write down everything I eat in a day. And I write down everything I spend. And you could argue that stepping on the scale and looking at my bank statements would give the same answer, right? Yes, and only partly right. When I step on the scale I “forget” that I often eat more than I want to. On the scale, I look at the number and think: “There must be something wrong with my cholesterol or my thyroid because I don’t eat that much. Maybe I should see my doctor.” Generally, I don’t need to see my doctor. I am healthy. I should eat less if I want to be slimmer.

And then there are the things I don’t see. The things that are not that easy to reveal. Like how good I am at focusing on my tasks? Or in what type of situations I tend to behave like a victim, blaming others for what happened? So, the thing is that the people close to us – they know:-) And they will share it with us if we ask. And often times we don’t ask. We don’t want to know or we don’t want to discuss it with them. Like, “I want to talk to someone who is on my side”. That could be your very wise friend, your grandma, your therapist or your coach. I think all of them work.

What they are called is not important. The important part is that you get real feedback. The “this is your blind spot”-feedback. This is what you normally do in these situations – can you see?

I see:-) And it is not a lovely feeling. It is liberating. It is hard. This is why I love coaching. To grow in coaching and to give coaching.

Do you have a coach?

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