Do you treat yourself as an Olympian?

I’m Norwegian and I love winter and winter activities. This year Norway became the best nation in the Olympics. We received 14 gold, 14 silver, and 11 bronze medals. Next best nation was Germany – they got 31 medals in total. Norway has 5,2 mill citizens – Germany 82,6 mill. What is that makes us – this tiny nation so good?

My take on it is this: We have lots of sports clubs, coaches and mentors and we value hard work.

To make the Norwegian cross country team you have to be one of the world’s best skiers. Our national championships are similar to competing in the world championship. What does that mean? If means that every skier in Norway gets to compete against the world’s best skiers – at home! In our home arena. And it leaves you with this mindset: “If I work hard and work with the best team and the best coaches – I can become world champion.” You have your role models around you. You get to meet them, talk to them and train with them. You get to see and experience what it takes to become an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Most of us do not pursue an athletic career at this level. And we do pursue something – a goal, a dream, a feeling.

How do you do that?

Are you a part of a great team, do you have the best coach and mentors, do you work hard?

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