Personal Growth

Do you treat yourself as an Olympian?

I’m Norwegian and I love winter and winter activities. This year Norway became the best nation in the Olympics. We received 14 gold, 14 silver, and 11 bronze medals. Next best nation was Germany – they got 31 medals in total. Norway has 5,2 mill citizens – Germany 82,6 mill. What is that makes us…

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My Daily Habits and Blind Spots

Our daily habits say so much about us. Like me for instance, I tend to think that I don’t eat that much. And I think that I don’t spend that much money. When it comes to food and money – I generally underreport to myself. That’s a habit. And how do I know? I monitor…

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Let’s Talk About Dreams, Baby

Dreaming is such a wonderful thing. I dream of sandy beaches, white snowy plains to cross-country ski, sailing in summer, having a beautiful house with a huge garden. And then I dream of doing some great things like – do really savvy investments, become a really good climber, work as a board member of an…

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