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Does this sound familiar?

You’re a female entrepreneur, a lady longing to reach higher or just get more of what you want.

Your deep sense of courage, integrity, big dreams, and focused work ethic got you where you are today, and you have so much to be proud of.

But here’s the thing: you’ll often look at yourself and wonder if you could have asked for more of what you want? Looking at your deepest desires you want to make changes. You have a call from deep inside to take chances, think outside the box, and move towards what resonates with you most.

So what will you choose? What will that look like? How can you ask for more of what you want? 

I'm Astrid Teigaas and as your negotiation teacher and coach and my job is to support you thru your process of asking for more of what you want.

I believe combining business with purpose will make this world a better place.

You can be wildly successful doing work that energizes you. All you need is some clarity, supportive straight talk, and someone on your side who understands your values so you never lose sight of them along the way.
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Before I became a coach and negotiation trainer, I spent many years as a lawyer. I always found the law fascinating, but soon noticed that what my clients needed most was the courage to have tough conversations and make bold choices in their lives - and my passion was supporting them. I wondered how that could become my full-time job!

I become certified by the Coaches Training Institute and left my job as a lawyer. I went on to become a life coach, career coach, and a trained adventure guide, and now I work with amazing people like you.

As your negotiation coach I’m here to teach you about negotiation and to support you in your brave conversations.

Over the years I’ve come to find that what looks like a huge ask, a huge roadblock in your life or your career can often kickstart a new period of growth.

Are you ready to grow your life, your business, or both?

Let’s put in the work, have the brave conversations, and make choices that take you where you want to go. I’m here to support you all the way to the finish line. Ready?